Flash Sale - The Ultimate ClickFunnels Template for Running Flash Sales

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Flash page
Upsell page:
Downsell page:
Confirmation page:

Run Highly Profitable Flash Sale Promotions with This Deadly Powerful Flash Sale Funnel

Flash Sale is a fully-featured ClickFunnels template that puts your sales and promotions on steroids.

Simply present your offer, add your copy, setup your timers and watch this funnel work it's magic.

With all the features you expect from a flash sale including built-in urgency, scarcity, timers, upsells, downsells, order bumps and more you'll have your customers snapping up your special offers in no time.

We've also taken this ClickFunnels template one step further by adding an on-page order form and by-passing the checkout page step altogether so you can strike while the iron's hot.

This funnel works exceptionally well when used in conjunction with email broadcasts, Facebook ads, holiday events and special JV launch promotions.

Here are some ways you can use this powerful ClickFunnels template:

  • Email campaigns
  • Holiday specials
  • Weekend sales
  • JV Launches
  • Instagram Story Sales
  • Facebook ad sales campaigns
  • Plus loads more

Built-in order bumps make it easy to add more value to your AOV:

Put the power of one-click upsells and downsells to work and rake in the big bucks on the back-end:

And if your customer decides against your upsell, use this pop-up to induce a sense of scarcity:

The Flash Sale ClickFunnels template contains 4 ultra-powerful steps to help you run a wildly successful sales campaign:

And they all look amazing across mobile devices

Order your copy of the Flash Sale template now and put the power of limited time offers to work in your business!