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Live Webinar is the new, modern way to present and profit from live webinars.

If you’re looking for a high converting webinar funnel that has both the looks and brains then this one’s for you.

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ClickFunnels template features:
Academia Grade

Your webinars will look and feel like genuine academic grade classes but have added conversion elements to close your attendees.

Epic Broadcast Room

Live Webinar hands down has the most beautiful broadcast room ever designed and will keep your viewers engrossed in your content and pitch.

Timed Call to Actions

We've built timed call to action buttons into this funnel so you can present your offer at any point in the webinar.

Matching Offer Page

Once you've presented your content and made your pitch you can send viewers to a matching offer page that's designed to close sales.

Webinar Replay Room

Offer a webinar replay afterwards to close any laggers or present your content to those who may have missed your original webinar.

Scarcity and Urgency

We've built-in scarcity and urgency in the form of capacity warnings and bars to encourage viewers to engage with your content.

Modern Design

The modern design ensures your presentation, content and offer are viewed in the best light without looking out-dated or old.

Mobile Optimised

We've designed this funnel to look and flow beautifully on mobile devices so you'll never lose another customer again to poor mobile design.

Versatile Design

The generic, but beautiful design means you can add your webinar video, add your products and go live without extensive design customisation.

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The funnel strategy:
The funnel strategy:
Webinar registration page:

Webinar countdown page:

Broadcast room:

Offer/sales page

Confirmation page

Replay room


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