Masterclass - The Ultimate ClickFunnels Template for Selling Online Courses

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Here are Previews of each page:

Sales page:
Upsell page:
Downsell page:
Confirmation page:

Masterclass is THE BEST ClickFunnels Template for Selling Online Courses and Training. Period.

When we created Masterclass we wanted make a template that would get potential students excited to not only learn from you but to buy from you.

We studies the world's most successful online training programs and picked apart the techniques, elements and on-page conversion tactics they did right and combined them all into this beautiful Clickfunnels template.

Featuring a modern, direct-response based design with an order form built right into the popup, this funnel is perfect for any niche imaginable so you don't have to mess around with complicated design software (leave that to us!)

Customers order directly on your sales page with the in-popup order form:

Add even more profit to your bottomline with these beautiful, matching upsell and downsell pages:

And add scarcity with this popup that warns those who skip your upsells that they'll never see the one time offers again:

Masterclass is a fully-featured ClickFunnels template including four powerful funnel steps:

All look amazing on mobile devices:

Grab your copy of the Masterclass Funnel now and start seeing results in your business.