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Funnels and Templates is an ever-growing library of the world's best hand-crafted marketing-focused templates and design assets designed to speed up your workflow and convert more clickers into buyers.

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  • Create beautiful digital products in record time – Use our range of online course and masterclass templates to quickly and effortlessly build beautiful, branded online courses and digital products you can take to market.
  • ​Launch insanely profitable online products and services – Choose from our massive range of versatile funnel templates to launch your product or service. Each funnel is meticulously engineered for high conversions and designed to be used in any niche.
  • ​Design beautiful product images for your courses and products – Our range of digital product mockups make it easier than ever to create gorgeous product images for your online products.
  • Build a world-class brand and visual identity for your business that your customers will fall in love with and remember for a lifetime.
  • ​Use our huge range of marketing graphics and design packs to instantly hack funnels, increase leads and lift online sales.
  • ​Design gorgeous Facebook and Instagram Ads right inside Photoshop to create a high-converting, winning ad that pulls results in record time.
  • ​Use our special range of flash promotion funnels to run insanely profitable flash sales and promotions to quickly and easily gain a cash injection to your business.

What's inside?

Ten ClickFunnels Templates to Run Super Profitable Campaigns in ANY Niche

Vendor ClickFunnels Template

 A classic direct-response funnel template for ultra high conversions with 6 powerful funnel steps engineered to get you maximum profits.

FlashSale ClickFunnels Template

The ultimate funnel for running mega profitable flash sales campaigns that sell out like gangbusters. Just plug in your sales video and products and go!

One Page Funnel ClickFunnels Template

Present your offer and collect sales all on one beautifully designed Clickfunnels funnel step.

Shopify Style Checkout Pages for ANY ClickFunnels Template

Plug the world's most trusted and tested checkout page into your funnels and watch your cart conversions soar.

We’ve taken the world’s most trusted checkout page and put it on steroids.

Complete with order bumps, irresistible upsells and post-purchase upsell recommendations.

Boost your average order value with order bumps

Increase profits with matching upsell pages

Squeeze even more profits with post-purchase upsell product recommendations

You can add these checkout pages to any ClickFunnels template in 4 easy steps.

Masterclass ClickFunnels Template

The ultimate funnel for selling online courses or any form of online training that converts like crazy.

One Dollar Funnel ClickFunnels Template

Sell tiny $1 products on the front end to make huge profits on the backend. This is the ULTIMATE micro trip-wire funnel.

Auto Webinar ClickFunnels Template

The most modern webinar funnel designed to convert today's savvy webinar viewers into happily paying customers

Agenci ClickFunnels Template

The ultimate funnel for selling your digital services as an agency, freelancer or consultant with two conversion paths.

Live Webinar ClickFunnels Template

The most modern webinar funnel designed to convert today's savvy webinar viewers into happily paying customers

10-in-1 Squeeze Page ClickFunnels Template

10 high-converting squeeze page steps in just one ClickFunnels template. Never run out of squeeze page designs to test.

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We've barely scratched the surface. You're also getting...

20 Marketing Templates and Graphic Packs to Help You Create Epic Products, Grow Your Brand and Convert More Leads to Buyers.

Ultimate Online Course Mockups

Mix and match over 20 stunning mockups to create beautiful product images for your online courses and digital products

Mix and match over 20 info product mockups to create epic bundle shots of your online courses and training programs

Complete with squeeze page, order bumps, irresistible upsells, downsells and more.

If you sell any form of digital products online chances are you're leaving money on the table by not utilising professional digital product mockups.

Luckily we've got you covered with these modern, professional grade mockups you can use to represent your digital info products, training programs, mastermind groups and events.

Use each mockup on it's own or combine them for value-building full featured online course bundle shots.

Simply open the mockups in Photoshop, add your design, save and upload into your funnels and websites.

Here's a look at each customisable item in this mockup bundle

Please note; you will need Photoshop in order to use these online course mockup templates.

The Ultimate Sales Webinar Building Toolkit

Mix and match over 60 clean and modern slide designs to create seamless webinars and masterclasses. For Canva and Photoshop.

The Ultimate Online Course Builder

Mix and match over 60 re-brandable worksheets to create beautiful matching online courses, workbooks and lead magnets.