One Dollar Funnel - The Ultimate ClickFunnels Template for Micro Tripwires

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Here are Previews of each page:

$1 Offer page:
Upsell page:
Downsell page:
Confirmation page:

Flood your business with buyer leads using the One Dollar Funnel, then make bhuge profits on the backend.

When we created the one dollar clickfunnels template we wanted to build a tripwire funnel that was absolutely irresistible.

The idea is to sell a high value product for just $1. This could be a video lesson, an eBook, a series of videos, worksheets or any other digital product.

To make the order the customer clicks the CTA button which triggers a popup form containing your order form along with an AOV-boosting order bump.

Once you have captured your customers' payment details you can then present them with upsell and downsell offers using the built-in pages to make huge profits on the back end.

The order form popup is triggered when the customer clicks the CTA button:

Then once you've captured their payment info, you can use one-click upsell and downsell pages to generate profit on the backend:

Save lost upsell and downsell sales with this hyper effective upsell saver popup:

There are 4 beautiful funnel steps in total:

All look amazing across all devices:

Get the One Dollar Funnel now and put the power of micro tripwires to work in your business!