One Page Funnel - The 'One Page' ClickFunnels Template that Sells Like Crazy

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Here are Previews of each page:

Sales page:
Upsell page:
Downsell page:
Confirmation page:

The One Page Funnel for ClickFunnels Combines both a Sales Page and a Checkout Page into One.

By skipping the checkout page and keeping the order form on the sales page you're reducing the number of steps your customers take and ultimately increase conversions on both the front-end and the back-end of your funnel.

Whilst the One Page Funnel is designed to be just that - a one page funnel (bar the confirmation page), you can also add upsell and downsell offer pages to make bank on the back-end.

The design is absolutely beautiful, it's based on direct response marketing principles and it will suit any niche imaginable – so no messing around with complicated design apps.

Customers order directly on your sales page with the on-page order form complete with order bumps:

You can also add more pages like upsell pages and downsell pages to increase revenue:

And add scarcity with this popup that warns those who skip your upsells that they'll never see them again:

Whilst this is promoted as a one page funnel (bar the confirmation page) you get access to four pages in total:

All look amazing on mobile devices:

Grab your copy of the One Page Funnel now and start seeing results in your business.