The Ultimate Instagram Feed Planner

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Commercial License: You may use this template for both personal and client projects. Learn more about licenses.

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Design and grow a beautiful Instagram feed in record time with this Instagram feed planner toolkit.

We've all seen them before. Those stunning Instagram feeds that are so carefully curated and put together. It's a wonder how those people do it!

Well the secret's out! The people behind these amazing Instagram feeds use a planner tool that helps them visualise their feed well in advance.

In the Ultimate Instagram Feed Planner you'll receive editable Photoshop templates you can edit to make the feed look however you want it to. Customise your profile picture, bio, website, buttons and of course your posts to get an accurate impression of your Instagram feed.

There are two Photoshop templates inside. One for a quick mobile view of your feed, and a larger 48-post feed you can use to curate a month's worth of Instagram post content.

We've also thrown in a handy 48-post planner worksheet you can print out and scribble on to generate ideas for your Instagram content.

Key features:

  • Two Photoshop templates that mimmick a live Instagram feed allowing you to customise the look of your feed and plan our your content well in advance.
  • A simple mobile view of your feed and a long 48-post view of your feed to build out a month's worth of content.
  • A super handy worksheet you can use to jot down ideas for Instagram post content.