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10-in-1 Squeeze Page Funnel


Get 10 of the highest converting squeeze pages of all time in one ClickFunnels template.

We’ve studied the most successful squeeze pages of all time and have bundled them up into one funnel template.

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ClickFunnels template features:

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10 Squeeze Pages

You'll get one funnel consisting of 10 squeeze page steps you can duplicate into other funnels for fast squeeze page creation.

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High Converting

Each squeeze page design has been modelled after the most successful optin campaigns in the last 15 years.

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Plug and Play

To use the squeeze pages simply save the step as a page template and import it into any new or existing funnel of your choice.

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Built-In Urgency

Urgency and scarcity elements such as countdown timers and offer bars have been used throughout the funnel to boost conversions.

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Versatile Design

The generic, but beautiful design means you can add your copy, add your products and go live without extensive design customisation.

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Optimised for Mobile

Every squeeze page template in this bundle has been carefully optimised to ensure it reads and converts beautifully across mobile devices.


Squeeze page #1:

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Squeeze page #2:

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Squeeze page #3:

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Squeeze page #4:

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Squeeze page #5:

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Squeeze page #6:

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Squeeze page #7:

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Squeeze page #8:

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Squeeze page #9:

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Squeeze page #10:

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The All-Access Membership 🙌

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Get lifetime access to our entire marketplace of customizable ClickFunnels templates and design packs – All of your marketing creatives sorted forever.

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