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We took the world's most trusted checkout page and made it even better for ClickFunnels

Shopified is a set of checkout page templates for your ClickFunnels templates that mimic the incredibly successful Shopify checkout page.

Compatible With:

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Funnel template features:

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Proven Design

Modelled after the world's most successful checkout page, add these to any ClickFunnels template to grow sales.

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Mobile Optimised

The checkout pages look great on desktop devices, but just wait until you see how beautiful and easy to use they are on mobiles.

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Plug N' Play

Easily add these high converting checkout pages to any ClickFunnels template in under 10 minutes.

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Matching Upsells

After you've collected payment from your customer you can present them with a beautifully designed matching upsell page.

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Order Bumps

We've built order bumps directly into these checkout pages so you can increase average order values with little effort on your part.

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Confirmation Page

Give your customers a seamless and trustworthy checkout experience by delivering their products or receipt on a matching confirmation page.

The funnel strategy:

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Checkout page:

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Upsell page

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Confirmation page

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The All-Access Membership 🙌

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Get lifetime access to our entire marketplace of customizable ClickFunnels templates and design packs – All of your marketing creatives sorted forever.

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