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The perfect funnel for running uber successful Flash Sale promotions.

FlashSale is the perfect funnel template to use if you want to generate a stampede of new sales in the shortest time possible.

Compatible With:

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ClickFunnels template features:

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On-Page Order Form

Secure the sale whilst your buyers are red hot. We've ditched the checkout page and put the order form directly on the offer page.

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Flash Sale Urgency

Urgency and scarcity elements such as countdown timers and offer bars have been used throughout the funnel to close any many sales as possible.

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Generate Quick Cash

Flash Sale can be used for seasonal promotions such as BFCM deals or just whenever you need a quick injection of cash.

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1-Click Upsells

After you've collected payment from your customer you can present them with a beautifully designed matching 1-click upsell page.

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Upsell Savers

We've implemented a unique popup that gives your clients a second chance at your upsell to reduce upsell abandonment.

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1-Click Downsells

If you're customer doesn't go for your upsell for whatever reason, you can implement one or more downsells to increase average order value.

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Order Bumps

We've built order bumps directly into your order forms so you can increase average order values with little effort on your part.

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Mobile Optimised

We've designed this funnel to look and flow beautifully on mobile devices so you'll never lose another customer again to poor mobile design.

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Versatile Design

The generic, but beautiful design means you can add your copy, add your products and go live without extensive design customisation.

The funnel strategy:

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Flash sale with on-page order form:

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Upsell page

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Downsell page

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Confirmation page

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The All-Access Membership 🙌

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