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The Ultimate Funnel to Sell Your High-Ticket Offers

Certified is a beautifully designed Clickfunnels template. Sell training and certifications with this sales and follow-up funnel.

Compatible With:

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Funnel template features:

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High-Ticket Focused

This powerful funnel template is specifically designed to sell high-ticket training and certifications, optimizing every step for maximum conversions and revenue.

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Engaging Sales Pages

Capture your audience's attention with compelling sales pages that highlight the benefits, value, and prestige of your training and certification programs.

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Multi-Stage Follow-Up

Leverage a multi-stage follow-up system that effectively nurtures leads, builds trust, and addresses objections to keep prospects engaged and drive sales.

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Personalized Video Integration

Incorporate personalized videos to establish rapport, demonstrate expertise, and showcase the unique value of your high-ticket training offerings.

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Application Forms

Pre-qualify prospects with customizable application forms, ensuring you focus your efforts on the most committed and suitable leads for your high-ticket programs.

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Automated Webinar Funnel

Attract and educate potential clients with automated webinars that showcase your expertise, address common questions, and drive sign-ups for your high-ticket training.

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Payment Plan Options

Offer flexible payment options to make your high-ticket training and certifications more accessible, catering to various budget preferences and boosting conversions.

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Exclusive Member's Area

Provide a sleek and secure member's area where enrolled students can access their course materials, track progress, and interact with fellow participants.

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Comprehensive Analytics

Monitor and optimize your funnel performance with in-depth analytics, tracking key metrics like conversion rates, lead sources, and customer lifetime value.

The funnel strategy:

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Landing page:


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Checkout Page:

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Order Confirmation Page:

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The All-Access Membership 🙌

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